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As students we need to ask ourselves: What can we do to make our school safer, better, and friendlier? After Parkland it's just not good enough to do nothing, we have to say something! #NEVERAGAIN​ So, FortifyFL was started so that if you see something you can say something. If you know someone who needs help, you can say something. If you need help, you can say something. ​So, this is your chance, It's anonymous or you can use your name but your voice is heard You can get help quickly and discretely.

See Something, Need Something, Say Something

Report your issue on this online form or the IOS or Android App. Please be specific about people as there may be more than one John Smith.


State of Florida Disclosure

  • 1. The reporting party may provide his or her report anonymously.
  • 2. If the reporting party chooses to disclose his or her identity, that information shall be shared with the appropriate law enforcement agency and school officials; however, the law enforcement agency and school officials be required to maintain the information as confidential.

How it works

School Admins

School admins can help based upon the request. Different types of requests can be routed via email or text to the right people in your school. Requests are logged and you can pull reports at any time

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You fill out the form on this site or on one of our apps. It gets routed to the right people in your school. They take action. That's it. It is safe, secure, fast and confidential

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We are Saysomething.Education is a product of Kornukopia.

Kornukopia ( www.kornukopia.com ) is an education software tool provider that provides 100s of software tools in a common education/campus ecosystem. Kornukopia’s security suite of products includes Identifyed and Saysomething.education. Identifyed provides an extensive campus-wide student ID, attendance and security solution. http://www.identifyed.com).

Saysomething.education allows us to offer a product that is completely anonymous, as such it allows campuses throughout the world to attain information that helps them create a more secure and friendlier environment.

See Something - Say Something

We asked law enforcement leaders, education leaders, and health leaders from all over the world to drop what they were doing, clear their schedules, and work with us on what we can – and must do – to make our schools and communities safer. We must take care of our students.

Kornukopia's Identifyed product had the existing technology to create Saysomething.Education, Kornukopia saw the need and felt that this piece of technology had the ability to save too many lives and it was too important to worry about price or the time to deploy. Kornukopia realized that we had no other choice but to give away the solution. So,we created saysomething.education




I felt lost, depressed, and I had some terrible thoughts. I needed help, but I could not talk to my friends or family. I asked for help and I got it. I did not get in trouble I got help.



My buddy was homeless, he needed help, I could tell he did not have anyone. I was not sure what I could do but I sent in a report and the school helped him. It was great and I stayed anonymous.



I saw the gun in his bag. I was scared but I knew I could report it anonymously and that the school and police would take care of the issue. Thanks to me they stopped what could have been a real issue.